10 family members arrested in connection to murder of Busoga tycoon

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Police in Kiira police region have intensified the search for Shaban Malore’s killers, with the arrest of his seven brothers on Monday, bringing the total number of the deceased’s arrested siblings to ten.

The suspects are being detained at different police stations within Jinja city.

Malore was shot dead by unknown assailants while at his home in Buweera village, in Buwenge sub-county of Jinja district last week on 14th, May, 2022.

Earlier last week, three of Malore’s brothers who are still being detained at Nalufenya police station were arrested as key suspects in the death of their own brother.

It is reported that Malore, a renowned businessman alongside his other 49 siblings were embroiled in a 17-year-long property row, following the death of their father, Suleiman Malore in 2006.

Late Shaban Malore, a business mogul of his time left behind 900 acres of land, alongside other property scattered across different parts of Busoga sub region.

 However, efforts to reconcile the warrying  factions within his family circle turned futile, as all parties were embedded in endless battles for supremacy.

The family attempted to seek court redress, however their supremacy battles amongst themselves continued to date.

It is reported that the suspects were part of a group of 24 family members who on 8th, May, 2022 held a planning meeting aimed at executing the killing of Malore, whom they accused of conniving with their equally rich siblings to deprive them of their inheritance rights.

The Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi stresses that, inquiries are still ongoing and the search for other suspects still at large are underway.

Mubi says the suspects  will be charged with murder.

However, police is yet to recover the killer gun and pinpoint the actual killerswho executed the final shooting


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