1,000 families left homeless after a heavy storm

families left homeless

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More than 1,000 families in Inomo Sub County in Kwania district are homeless following a heavy storm that destroyed their houses and crops.

Heavy rain characterized by strong winds hit hard four villages in Inomo sub-county last week leaving several families stranded.

The storm uprooted cassava and destroyed gardens of maize, sunflower, and sim sim. It also killed six goats and blew the rooftop of three houses.

The most affected villages are Alikingel, Adingdong, Too-pe-yero, and Jinja trading center.

Martin Etime, one of the affected residents from Too-pe-yero village in Aluka parish says his two acres of cassava, papaw plantation, and houses are no more.

He said the hailstorm also blew off the roof of Onywalonote Primary School.

Joel Opio, a resident of Adingdong village said that he is currently staying with his neighbor together with his five children as he ponders his next move.

He said the hailstorm destroyed banana plantations, maize, rice, and beans posing risks to possible looming famine.

The Inomo Sub County LCIII Chairperson Maxwell Arac says that they have started to conduct registration of the affected communities so that they can come out with a comprehensive report which will be submitted to the district.

The Kwania Chief Administrative Officer Albina Awora who chairs the District Disaster Committee says that her office has received overwhelming calls asking for help specifically food items and shelter as a result of the hailstorm.

Awora said that she has already instructed the sub-county leadership to compile a comprehensive report which will be submitted to the office of the Prime Minister for immediate intervention.


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