153 cops dismissed over corruption accusations

Police spokesman Fred Enanga

More than 100 cops have been dismissed from the police force over alleged corruption and indiscipline.

The decision to expel the police officers was reached at by the police council, appointments committee and police authority that sat on Monday at the Naguru based police headquarters.

It follows a revelation in March by the deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech that more than 100 police officers were to be expelled from the police force for continuously involving themselves in corruption as well as indiscipline activities.

A total of 153 police officers in the lower and senior categories have with immediate effect been dismissed and discharged, the majority of whom over corruption-related cases.

The others have been relieved of their policing duties on allegations of discrediting the police force and behaving scandalously.

Fred Enanga, the force’s spokesperson told journalists that of the 153, 23 were disgracefully dismissed over repeated corrupt trends ranging from 2016 to 2019.

Nevertheless, police were yet to release the names of the expelled personnel but Enanga said 41 have been discharged from the police force for consistently being absent without official leave contrary to Section 44 (1) and Code 20 (b) of the Police Act.

“A total of 153 officers accused of misconduct have been dismissed and others are pending dismissal. Six have been discharged over discreditable conduct, five for neglecting their duty and 18 were charged and discharged over scandalous conduct,” Enanga said.

The Police Council under the chairmanship of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) is mandated to suspend, discharge or expel police personnel who engage in acts that are deemed against police standards. Such officers range from Police Constable to Senior Superintendent of Police. But this must be effected after a fair hearing in Police Court and Appellate Court of the force.

Senior officers from an assistant commissioner of police to Assistant IGP can only be dismissed after a fair trial by police authority which is chaired by minister for Internal Affairs.

Understandably that 73 police officers both junior and senior in category have already received their dismissal and discharge letters while others will receive them by the close of this week.


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