2 critically ill ministers miss parliamentary vetting

Appointments Committee in session

Two Ministerial appointees have missed out on the interaction with the appointments committee over poor health.

Sources within the committee said, the two unnamed ministers notified the committee that they were sick and requested to be re-scheduled.

According to sources, one of the Ministerial appointees is on oxygen while the other has an eye problem which caused loss of sight.

“We will have to meet again to look at the issue of the two appointees who could not make it here. One of them is unwell and on oxygen, while the other has an eye illness” the source said.

It is understood that the committee discussed the possibility of interacting with the two on zoom but the members were told that even that option was impossible.

Another source said that the committee noted with concern that on Wednesday they had interacted with the Minister of State for East African Affairs designate Magode Ikuya when he was truly unwell.

By the close of the vetting exercise on Thursday, a total of 78 ministers had been approved with one rejection and the two missing.

According to information obtained by URN, In the list, one is a state minister while the other is a full cabinet minister.


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