2 Moroto Prisons Chiefs Arrested

Two top Moroto prison commanders have been arrested and detained in Kampala over the September prison break in which 223 inmates escaped from Moroto prison with 14 guns.

Superintendent Norman Aruho, who was the prison’s in-charge and Charles Atunu, who was the head of armoury were arrested four days ago and moved to Jinja Road police station where they are being detained as investigations into the incident continue.

The head of general crimes desk at the Kibuli based Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) ACP Francis Olugu spearheaded the operation in which Aruho and Atunu were arrested.

Aruho and Atunu are accused of acting negligently. The directorate of public prosecution has since recommended that the duo be charged in criminal court.

Olugu in his report indicates that Moroto Prison had 684 inmates of whom 107 were waiting to face Military Court Martial. CID indicates that since Moroto Prison had high caliber suspects like army deserters, the OC should have ensured full-time surveillance and maximum security.

The CID further explains that it was inappropriate for only prison officers to guard a detention facility that had repeated armed robbers, cattle rustlers and others who had been arrested over gun violence.

Olugu in his report recommends for the deployment of soldiers and intelligence officers at all major government prisons to deter future prison breaks.

“There is a need to deploy soldiers at government prisons so that they could be in a position to handle situations like this. Intelligence personnel should be deployed at all prisons to have regular information on inmates’ plans,” Olugu recommended.

The DPP has exonerated three other prison waders who include head of reception Fred Mugisha, Joseph Anguadia and Geoffrey Owori. The jailbreak, according to CID, was masterminded by a hardcore murder suspect Loguti Mariko.

Surprisingly, Mariko has just been appointed as head of prisoners, something CID said was an illegality for an inmate to be given such a status before studying his character.


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