20,000 Ugandans get free Yellow fever Vaccination jab

By Our Reporter

At least 20,000 People have been vaccinated free of charge, Courtesy of the National Medical Stores ( NMS). 20,000 more people are expected to be vaccinated by August 30th.

 “I have saved Shs 130,000 which I would have spent on buying the yellow fever vaccine,” said Aldrine Kentaro, 43, a mother of four.  She added, “All my children have been vaccinated. I will always be eternally grateful to NMS for its kind works”  

 The National Medical Stores (NMS) is conducting a Yellow Fever Vaccination exercise at Mayor’s Gardens in Katabi, Entebbe. 

According to Sheila Nduhukire, the Senior Public Relations Officer NMS, all Ugandans are encouraged to come and get vaccinated. “Please come with your National Identity Card,” she said.

The event, which ends on August 30, 2021, has attracted thousands of residents of Entebbe and nearby suburbs.

This media house, which visited Mayor’s Gardens on Thursday, witnessed security personnel and NMS staff guiding throngs of people to get vaccinated while observing the Ministry of Health standard operating procedures to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

Mothers turned up with their children to receive the yellow fever jab. 

Soldiers, traders and medical personnel among others were also seen lining up for the vaccine. 

Nduhukire said the exercise was supposed to close on August 23. “We decided to extend it to August 30 due to high demand. We saw huge numbers which we didn’t anticipate. People have shown enthusiasm to receive the yellow fever vaccine.” She said.

The exercise is benefiting Ugandan nationals from the age of 9 months to 59 years. Nduhukire said this is part of NMS’ Corporate Social Responsibility.

“For a long time, NMS has always been running annual corporate Social Responsibility activities and we have always elected Yellow fever vaccination as our CSR flagship campaign. This one is not different from the one we previously run,” she explained.

In March 2021, NMS held a similar cause in Arua which management said was a token of its commitment to consistently contribute towards positive social development and better quality of life of Ugandans.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the fight against the novel Covid-19 are being observed in Entebbe.

Uganda is considered a high-risk country for Yellow fever by a comprehensive global strategy to Eliminate Yellow fever Epidemics (EYE). Immunization remains the main strategic approach to prevent, contain and eliminate Yellow fever outbreaks.

Currently, NMS provides the necessary medicines and other medical supplies including Personal Protective Equipment to Government Health Facilities and other institutions that are at the frontline in the fight against Covid-19 as advised by the Ministry of Health.

NMS’ mandate is to procure, store and distribute Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies (EMHS) to Public Health Facilities. The institution has been distributing COVID-19 vaccines across Uganda, supporting efforts to combat the deadly pandemic.


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