21 MPs under forgery, voter bribery probe

The police have opened inquiries against 21 newly elected MPs over cases of alleged forgery – including altering declaration of results (DR) forms.

The new leaders facing the police probe are mainly from the districts of Kween, Wakiso, Namayingo, Namisindwa, Kikuube, Mityana and others in West Nile.

According to Charles Twine, the spokesman of the Criminal investigations directorate (CID), additional queries have also been submitted against some leaders at lower levels like municipal councils.

The electoral and political offences desk headed by Henry Mugumya, assigned a special team to investigate the allegations.

Of the 21 MPs-elect who have been summoned to record statements at the CID, only 10 have so far responded while others are said to be elusive, tactically avoiding the detectives who were sent to their respective constituencies to obtain statements from them.

“Only 10 MPs have obliged and recorded statements in response to allegations of altering DR forms, voter bribery, and forged academic papers. Some are still dodging but that does not stop us from prosecuting them,” a detective said.

It is reported that more than 200 DR forms for the various electoral process are being examined by the Directorate of Forensic Science based at Naguru police headquarters.

The investigations have been widened to include allegations of voter bribery and forgery of academic papers.

Twine said some of the complainants are seeking to nullify the victory of successful candidates but the CID has advised the complainants to present the matters before the courts because their emphasis is on forgery and uttering false documents.


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