230,000 Ugandans ready for second jab of Covid-19 vaccination

Emmanuel Ainebyoona spokesperson Ministry of Health

Emmanuel Ainebyoona spokesperson Ministry of Health

By Benjamin Mwibo

A total of 230,000 Ugandans are set to get their second jab for Covid-19 Vaccine.

The Government on Tuesday resumed Vaccination of Ugandans across the coubtry especially those ready for the second jab of Astrazeneca .

” We urge to all of those who have made  12 weeks since the first jab to reach out to the nearby healthy vaccination  centres  like health centre IIIs, general hospitals , and regional refferal hosipitals for Vaccination,” Emmanuel Ainebyona, the senior Spokesperson Ministry of health said.

According to Ainebyoona, the government had also set a camp at Namboole stadium it plans to vaccinate over 10,000 people.

Ainebyoona together with officials from the National Medical Stores and Kampala Capital City Authority addressed members of the press in Kampala on  covid 19 vaccination.

The media briefing was to shade light on the status of vaccination of covid 19 in the country .

“We started vaccination in Uganda on March 10th 2021 and ever since we have so far managed to vaccinate a total number of 1.15 million people using the AstraZeneca vaccines,”  Ainebyona said.

 He said the government had received 864000 vaccines donated  by the Covax facility which was supported by GAVI, UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO).

He added that the government had also managed to get more 100,000 doses from India that all together totaled to 960,000 doses plus the  175000 doses from France through the Covax facility  still.

“Since then we have managed to vaccinate 904000 people representing 79 % in relation to the mentioned vaccines while 250,000 have so far received their second jab indicating 27% of the received vaccines,

however in the last month of July on 31st we managed to receive 280,000 Astrazeneca vaccines from Norway and more 300,000 Cinovac doses from China which is not under use yet because as the ministry we want to first finish up the Astrazeneca vaccines that we received first as we plan on when to inform the country when the other types of vaccine shall be put into use like the Cinovac vaccines.” he said.

Muhumuza Daniel Nuwabwine, the spokesperson Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) noted that the vaccination process shall only and only takes place at the authorized vaccination centers in different divisions as follows , In Nakawa there is Bukoto, Naguru hospital, Naguru police , Kyambogo University , Mbuya military health Centre, Butabika hospital


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