50-year-old man arrested over defilement of mentally impaired teenager

50-year-old man arrested over defilement of mentally impaired teenager

Busoga East police are investigating 50-year-old, Joseph Kyozila, a resident of Kikunu village in Idudi town council in Bugweri district for allegedly defiling a mentally impaired teenager.

 Kyozila is locked up at Bugweri central police station.

Kyozila is suspected to have defiled the 13-year-old girl on Tuesday morning. 

It is alleged that the victim’s father, Samuel Nyende left his daughter under Kyozila’s care before heading out to purchase groceries from the neighboring trading center.

Nyende told journalists that upon his return home, he caught Kyozila red-handed defiling his daughter prompting him to alert other community members.

 “Kyozila is my neighbor and I would always leave the girl under his care whenever, I could head out to the trading center but I was shocked by his action,” he says.

Mohammed Kazungu, the councilor for Persons with Disabilities in Idudi town council has asked security personnel to expedite inquiries into the matter and claims of sexual harassment within their area.

 He says that unknown individuals sexually harass minors living with disabilities for ritual purposes.

Kazungu has also asked parents to safeguard their children living with disabilities from open access to distant relatives and friends without their close supervision adding that, cases of abuse are currently on the rise.

Busoga East police spokesperson, Diana Nandawula says that inquiries are underway and the victim has been subjected to a thorough medical check-up from an undisclosed health facility to confirm the allegations and ascertain the extent of the damage.


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