51 family members left homeless over witchcraft

witch craft

source:New Vision

Fifty-three family members in Aliba Ojepi B cell in Ayivu east constituency in Arua city are homeless following the destruction of their house by an angry mob on witchcraft allegations.

The mob members demolished 7 semi-permanent houses, 4 grass-thatched houses and killed 8 goats and 2 pigs among others.

The residents accuse the family of Nelson Alidri of practicing witchcraft, which caused the death of one person.

It is alleged that the deceased who had mental health issues was taken to a prophet who revealed that he was bewitched by Alidri.

The revelation angered residents who decided to gang up and destroy Alidri’s properties, forcing 53 members of his extended family to flee for their lives.

Alidri, who is a teacher, says the locals led by the LC1 chairman of Ojepi cell, Robert Avibo are jealous of his progress.

He explained that he worked in South Sudan for 9 years and was able to accumulate money that enabled him to construct his house that cost over Shillings 40 million.

According to Alidri, his woes started in 2016 when he returned from South Sudan and started development projects, which didn’t go down well with residents.

He said that they started destroying his property with the latest incident on Sunday when the locals uprooted the pillars of one of the houses.

The area LC One Robert Avibo, who was arrested and released on police bond following the latest attack declined to comment and instead referred URN to Arua central police.

Arua Deputy Resident city Commissioner Dickson Adomati says plans are underway to organize a community dialogue in the area to try and resolve the matter.

The displaced family members are currently scattered across the West Nile region.


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