A Public statement on the July-2021 South Afrikan civil unrest , resulting from imprisonment of Zuma

Eng.Tom Isingoma Mwesiga

By Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga

Whereas it’s a right for every South Afrikan to show expression on any matters, mostly of national concern like Zuma’s imprisonment, it’s not your right to kill anyone or loot property. 

South Afrika is a country with a dark historical facts in relation to human suffering, mostly to the majority black people by the white minority, well known during apartheid horrific era. It’s however, a shame for the 2021 South Afrika which is independent, to have a situation where people use such manner of violence in the so called way of expressing yourselves which brings back the same suffering to the nation. 

As a Pan Afrikanist, I am so shocked by the way people have behaved, this time not on the common xenophobic tendencies, but rather on their own country people and property.

Any man who burns his own house to show dissatisfaction is a man that needs to be rehabilitated. I don’t see any sense in burning a shopping mall, cars, destruction of game reserves and murdering of people, just because you are not happy with the arrest of Zuma. It’s more like shooting your own foot to show the world that you aren’t happy.

I am number one supporter of economic empowerment and well being of Afrikan people, but we can’t get rich by looting. We can’t change governments by slaughtering brothers and sisters. I am tired of seeing blood of Afrikan people flowing on streets of Afrika. 

In Uganda we have a saying that had it been the strength that mattered, then an axe would be used in peeling rather than a knife which is weak and thin. This teaches us to rather use wisdom and knowledge rather than physical strength only. You can’t break a building to show that you are not happy with the way the imprisoned Zuma. That’s foolishness.

I have seen useless revolutions where people destroy their own economies such as the case of Egypt during the so called Muslim Brotherhood, the way Libyan people were lied to by imperialism agents of NATO and USA, or what is happening in Syria , Iraq or Afghanistan . You can’t destroy your own country and hope to rebuild it.

Yes, you don’t want Zuma to stay in prison! Yes, you are not okay with the way white minority are oppressive to blacks in your country! Yes, you believe the economic situation may be better with a better leadership and well economic policies. So, will you achieve this by looting a supermarket? Will you be rich by killing fellow country people? 

Until you the rioters used solution based approaches to solve the problems, you will never achieve what you want. You will keep applying problem based approaches like murder and looting, which drag you back from developing your own economy.

I totally condemn the hooliganism applied by Afrikans in these so called riots. It’s high time we thought of showing dissatisfaction in intelligent and smart ways rather than cutting the branches we are sitting on. 
I disassociate myself with anyone who claims to be a Pan Afrikanist that is using violent means in hope of positive change. As a Pan Afrikanist, I totally disagree with you. Pan Afrikanism ensures thinking and acting within the Afrikan contest. 

I call upon the South Afrikan government to use all possible ways to stop looting and death of people because you are mandated to do so.

I call upon those who want Zuma out of prison or change of government, to do so in such a legitimate way.

The author of this article, has published a compelling book on Pan Afrikanism titled The Pan Afrikan Youth*. It’s a book with a chapter which has exclusive messages to each of the 55 Afrikan countries under Afrikan Union.
Contact:Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga Email:[email protected]


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