Amuriat Defies Police to Campaign in Mityana


Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat on Sunday defied directives by police in Mityana not to campaign at stopovers along the road. 

The police under the command of DPC Martin Okoyo were leading Amuriat to Mityana town for a campaign rally however he branched off from the main road at Zigoti and found police patrol parked in the middle of the road to prevent his convoy from branching off.

Amuriat engaged in an exchange of words with police officers and he was later joined by members of his team and the locals.

As Amuriat engaged the police, his vehicles bypassed the police blockade and continued to Kakindu trading center where they were intercepted by the police which had remained behind.

Police were forced to fire teargas when Amuriat insisted he was going to Mwera. This forced FDC supporters to pelt police with stones. 

Amuriat again sneaked from the police and jumped into a salon car which drove him to Mwera town.

At Mwera trading center, Amuriat told the people of Mityana that Uganda is ready for change.

The police finally gave up chasing Amuriat and turned to trail the candidate’s entourage up to Butooro in Kakindu Sub County and then back to Mityana town.

He was however welcomed by teargas and he was not allowed to hold a rally although he managed to hold a convoy.      


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