Amuriat Forced out of Kasese

Police in Kasese District on Tuesday blocked Forum for Democratic Change- FDC presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi from campaigning in the district citing the Electoral Commission (EC) ban on campaigns in some districts said to have a high prevalence of Covid -19 cases.

On December 26, the EC listed some 16 districts including Kasese where political campaigns were banned due to the surging Covid -19 infections exacerbated by mass gatherings.   

But the FDC leader, in defiance of the ban, vowed to go on with his scheduled campaign program but the police did not allow him to go past Katunguru along the Kasese – Mbarara highway as he entered the district from Ntungamo.

He was forced into a police car and driven out of the district towards Fort Portal. 

Police led by the Bwera DPC Sadat Sabila and his Katwe division counterpart Tyson Rutambika accused Amuriat of flouting the ban on campaigns in the district.  

Amuriat called upon all Ugandans to peacefully take part in the next week’s general elections as one route to oust President Museveni and his government.  

He also condemned the security forces of acting high headedly against presidential aspirants. 

The Kasese District FDC chairperson Saulo Maate, however, accused the Electoral Commission of not considering alternatives including radio talk shows for presidential candidates in areas where campaigns were barred.

In the 2016 General Election, FDC swept all six parliamentary seats in the district. The seats included Kasese Woman MP, Kasese Municipality, Busongora North, Busongora South, Bukonzo East and Bukonzo West.


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