Amuriat Promises Federo for Buganda

The Katikkiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga has emphasized the need for rule of law and strict observance of human rights during the ongoing campaigns ahead of the 2021 general election.

According to Mayiga, all candidates should be free to express their political views and to converse for support throughout the country without any interference from the security operatives.

“You cannot have the rule of law or even respect human rights when the candidates cannot express their views or converse support. Therefore, all candidates should be able to talk to their supporters on the public media channels and on the private ones once they pay the requisite fees,” said Mayiga.

The Katikkiro made the statement during an audience with officials from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party led by their presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat who paid him a courtesy call on Friday.

During the courtesy visit, FDC bought a total of 200 Kabaka’s Birthday Run kits worth Shs 4 million as well as Buganda Kingdom certificate worth Shs 2 million.

The Birthday Run is scheduled for November 29th, 2020 under the theme “Men Against AIDs to Save the Girl Child”.

Mayiga said that the Kingdom condemns interference with individual freedoms during the campaign period as well as violence.

Mayiga reiterated his earlier sentiments about the COVID-19 pandemic during the campaign period saying that the virus is real and not political, but the price for controlling crowds should not be shooting citizens or torturing them.

He says that security forces ought to act professionally and that way control crowds without maiming or killing unarmed citizens.

Meanwhile, the Katikkiro commended the FDC for prioritizing issues dear to Buganda like the federal system of government.

 He however advised the voters in Buganda to look out for candidates who espouse the Kingdom’s five aspiration objectives including the sanctity of the heritage including respect for the incumbent on the throne, a federal system of government, protection of land rights and the boundaries of the Kingdom, extension of economic and social services for the well-being of the people of Buganda and unity of the people of Buganda.

Mayiga said that as FDC and other parties go about their campaign throughout Buganda, the Kingdom wants to hear them promote and pronounce themselves on the aspiration objectives and on the key issues that can truly and genuinely transform Uganda.

Mayiga also noted that it is important that political actors engage with other sectors in the country because leadership is not about going it alone but rather collecting the views or getting counsel of every group.

“Every student of history knows that the Kingdom of Buganda is central to the formation of the country Uganda. The struggle and all the processes that led to Independence in 1962 were deeply related or even originated within the Kingdom of Buganda and as our experience as an independent country played out, it was within Buganda to the large extent. And of course the Capital is here and most of the national installations are found in Buganda. The same is also true with regard to the economic activities since the bigger portion of the country’s GDP is realized within an 80 Kilometer radius from Kampala which largely constitutes the Kingdom,” he added.

The Katikkiro noted that the Kingdom is very much interested in the national political developments since Buganda is quiet intertwined with the entire country.

 Amuriat who was in the company of  Nakawa MP, Micheal Kabaziguruka, Rubaga division mayor, Joyce Ssebugwawo, FDC National Chairman Wasswa Biriggwa, Kampala Woman MP FDC candidate Stella Nyanzi, appealed to the Kingdom to welcome him as a son for Buganda given that his mother is a Muganda.

He presented a copy of the FDC manifesto to Mayiga saying that one aspect that strikes them in as far as governance is concerned is the federal government that they advocate for.

“And so Buganda should be at peace because our government is going to be working with the federal government here, and federal will be given in its true sense of the word as it is understood by Buganda,” he said.

The FDC president also spoke about difficulties opposition candidates go through while campaigning against the current establishment. Amuriat said that opposition leaders have been molested, tear gassed and find themselves in a situation where campaigns are becoming impossible.


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