Amuriat Promises Namisindwa better Roads

Patrick Amuriat addressing a campaign rally

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate has pledged better roads for Namisindwa district once elected into office.

Campaigning at Magale town council on Thursday afternoon, Amuriat said the poor road network in Namisindwa is a result of abandonment by the ruling government.

Once voted into office, Amuriat said, he will improve the main roads in the district beginning from Munamba- Magale road, which leads to Namisindwa district headquarters. 

He also promised to ensure equal distribution of resources in the country. He also pledged to open the Lwakaka border officially to promote free trade between Kenya and Uganda. 


He also promised to improve the salaries of all civil servants to boost their morale to love what they do. He said most servants abandon their work station because of the little pay, something he says he would improve once elected.

The FDC president also decried the high handedness by security operatives who stopped him from accessing Lwakaka border to address voters there. 


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