Arua Catholic Priests in Physical Fight

Disagreements between Arua Catholic Diocese priests reached a boiling point on Monday afternoon after the diocesan Vicar General, Monsignor Kasto Adeti, got physical with a priest Rev. Fr. Lazarus Ejoyi.

Msgr Kasto who is also the Ediofe Cathedral Parish priest said that he acted out of emotion when he picked a stick and beat up Fr. Ejoyi whom he accuses of endlessly provoking him with loud insults whenever he receives a phone call.

On the fateful day, Msgr Kasto said, he was in his room adjacent to the balcony where Fr. Ejoyi had sat and heard him, saying that even one of those tormenting me is here in his room.

“When I heard this, I came out, picked a stick confronted Fr. Ejoyi out of anger. I gave him several lashes on the thigh just to stop him from continuing to tell lies and insult us. My intention was not to hurt him,” Msgr Kasto said.

Fr. Ejoyi ran to Arua police station where he recorded a case of assault against the vicar general who has since been summoned to record a statement.
According to Msgr. Kasto, Fr. Ejoyi was transferred in 2013 from Ediofe parish to Vurra Catholic parish but he defied the Bishop, Sabino Ocan Odoki directives.

This prompted the diocesan leadership to secure a court order and contracted Apollo Court bailiffs to evict Fr. Ejoyi from Ediofe parish since he had allegedly become a nuisance but the bailiffs have failed to act despite receiving Shs 150,000 in eviction fees.

Fr. Ejoyi has meanwhile relocated to Arua Catholic Center opposite Arua police station where he plans to stay for the next four days to allow him to keep in touch with the police as he pursues his assault case vide CRB ARCPS/SD. Ref: 35/29/04/2020.

A statement issued by Bishop Odoki indicated that Fr. Ejoyi’s stay at Ediofe Cathedral Parish is illegal. The Bishop accused the priest of refusing to take up appointment in Vurra Catholic parish, a claim Fr. Ejoyi vehemently denies.

The prelate further said that the administration of Arua diocese resolved that he or the diocese shall not be held responsible for what happens to Fr. Ejoyi since he was posted to Vurra catholic parish but he rejected the appointment.


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