Bees sting man to death, injure others in the market

Bees sting man

A swarm of bees has stung a man to death and injured several others in a monthly market in Agoro Trading Center in Lamwo district.

Denis Onyon, the Agoro Sub County LC III Chairperson identified the deceased as Bernard Ajulai, a resident of Lapulingi A village in Agoro Sub County.

He was part of the people who had convened for the monthly market day on Wednesday.

Onyon revealed that the bees that have for years pitched camp on a tree within the market and could have been provoked by noise or unfriendly scents from the market-goers.

According to Onyon, the bees frustrated efforts to rescue the deceased as they kept attacking whoever tried to get closer.

He, however, said that they finally managed to rescue the bee victim and advised him to seek medical attention but he instead went home.

According to Onyon, Ajulai’s life deteriorated prompting his family to rush him to Agoro Health Centre III where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Seven other people including a South Sudanese national Mario Lokupe are nursing injuries they sustained from the bee attack.

Business is reported to have come to a standstill for hours as vendors and their customers spent the better part of Wednesday trying to tame the bees and repulse them.

Emmanuel Ochora, the Lamwo District Entomology Officer regrets the incident and advises the residents to desist from staying close to beehives or provoking them since they can be dangerous and fatal.

Ochora promised to make plans to smoke out the bees from places presumed to be dominant of human settlement and activities.


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