Besigye’ Front for Transition kicks off national campaign

Front for Transition

The People’s Front for Transition, a loose political coalition that brings together several political parties will next week start a national wide mobilisation in Western Uganda.

The campaign aims at causing a political change in Uganda.

Speaking during the launch of the mobilisation drive on Tuesday at the Justice Forum political party headquarters at Mengo, Dr. Kizza Besigye, the National Chairman of the Front said the time for making speeches has ended hence ushering in actions that will result in the collapse of the government of President Yoweri Museveni.

Besigye said people who aspire for change should come together regardless of their political affiliation and peacefully confront the NRM that he said has dominated and caused suffering to majority Ugandans.

Besigye said that if they succeeded in bringing to an end the government of President Museveni, they will constitute a transitional government that will help organize free and fair elections.

The transitional government is expected to last for four years.

Besigye said unlike with the previous change of governments in Uganda, this time it will be a real transfer of power from the hands of those who hold it with guns to the people.

According to the agenda, a person who serves as President of the transitional government of national unity shall not be eligible to contest for an election or serve in any political office on expiry of the four-year term.

The Vice President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker and Members of the transitional assembly will also be ineligible for election at least for five years.

The transitional agenda lists 13 priority areas that will be focused on by the government.

These include demilitarizing politics, the promulgation of a new constitution, restructuring of government institutions, promoting inclusivity, facilitating devolution of power, promoting national healing and reconciliation among others.

The Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who is the National Vice Chairman of the Front called for unity among forces of change.

Lukwago said conflicts among opposition members do nothing but help NRM strengthen its position.

Earlier, former Lubaga South MP John Ken Lukyamuzi had asked members of the National Unity Platform to desist from attacking Besigye for his role in the front.

Lukyamuzi said that no one is challenging NUP’s role as the leader of opposition in parliament but this shouldn’t preclude other opposition forces from mobilizing against the NRM.

Muhammad Kateregga, the Secretary-General of Justice Forum said that his party was fully behind the front despite the absence of the party President Asuman Basalirwa in the activities so far held.

Kateregga, the former LCV Chairperson Bukomansimbi called upon all those against the Front to realize that every person has a role to play in the battle to cause a change in Uganda.


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