Boda Boda rider remanded over murder of a passenger

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Lira High court has convicted 25-year-old Edmond Amuja, a Boda boda rider on his own plea of guilty for murdering his passenger.

Amuja appeared before Justice Duncan Gaswaga in Lira High court on Monday.

The prosecution told the High court that on February 5th, 2019, while in Barotit village in Lira district, Amuja agreed to transport Tony Ocen to an unknown destination at Shs 2000.

However, a misunderstanding ensued on the way when Amuja started demanding more money.

According to the prosecution, Amuja grabbed Ocen’s arm and twisted it before punching and kicking him severally on the back and stomach respectively.

He took all the money from Ocen’s pockets before fleeing the scene. Ocen died shortly after the incident.

However, Amuja was later traced, arrested and charged with the murder.

While appearing before the high court, Amuja pleaded guilty and told the court that he has since learnt his lesson and swore never to commit another offence.

“I want to ask my lord to forgive me and give me a lighter sentence because I have learnt my lesson and I know what I did was horrible and the deceased family might be suffering because of me. I pray for forgiveness from them as well,” he told the high court.

Earlier, Brian Kalinaki, the state prosecutor argued that despite being a first-time offender the convict should be given a harsh sentence to deter others from committing a similar offence.

“The convict did something bad for taking away the life of an innocent person he was carrying on the motorcycle even after a mutual agreement and therefore his sentence should be able to teach others a lesson,” Kalinaki said.

However, the Defense Lawyer, Herbert Walusimbi argued that the convict is the sole breadwinner in his family of four children and one wife.

He also argued that his client never intended to commit the offence because he acted under the influence of alcohol.

“My Lord the offence was committed under the influence of alcohol, which did not make him think straight. Now he is remorseful, which explains why he has not wasted court’s time. I believe he can be a responsible citizen that is why I pray for a lenient sentence and I propose 10 years,” Walusimbi told the high court.

Justice Gaswaga convicted the accused and remanded him until March Thursday 17th 2022 when he will appear in court for sentencing.


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