Bukwo CAOs ‘ Murder : Killer gun connected to two murders

One of the guns that were used to kill the former acting Bukwo Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Robert Charles Ogwang was used in two gruesome robberies and murders, ballistic experts in the Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS) under the Uganda Police Force have revealed.

Three gunmen shot dead Ogwang on July 9th, 2022 at Kiryowa village along Bombo road before shot the fuel tank of his vehicle thus setting it ablaze.

Reliable forensic sources have intimated that nine out of 26 bullet casings that were recovered from the scene were from a gun that was earlier used in armed robberies and murders in the Kampala Metropolitan area.

“One of these armed robberies happened less than a year ago and the two bullet casings we collected at the time are matching with nine out of the 26 casings we collected from Ogwang’s murder scene. In one of the previous robberies and murders, two people died on the spot,” a security source said.

In his dying account at Bombo hospital, Ogwang said that he was stopped by three men forcing him to park on the roadside thinking they were security officers.

But after parking, the three strangers asked him where Ogwang was. He reportedly told the strangers that he was a mere driver and had left his boss in Kampala.

His explanation did not convince the attackers who quickly ordered him to hand them his phone and wallet.

Upon checking, the trio saw his identity card and immediately opened fire from the co-driver’s seat.

Ogwang attempted to escape via the driver’s door but was overpowered by the bullets and he fell down.

One of the killers filmed his killing with a phone.

Gombe police that was alerted by one of the local leaders rushed to the scene and took him to Bombo hospital where he gave an account of what had transpired as he struggled to catch a breath.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said ballistic experts had identified some evidence that they will share with the press and public if they deem it necessary.

So far seven suspects have been arrested in connection to Ogwang’s murder.

Some of these are the last people he was with including his personal driver Eric Chemusto. The deceased left Chemusto at Liberty Guest house in Kireka.

Others are the people he met in Buziga, Kisaasi, and Bweyogerere.

Security agencies among others the crime intelligence, CID, and CMI suspect that Ogwang was killed because of deals that involve huge amounts of money.

The security cameras captured Ogwang’s movement from Kireka after dropping the driver via Northern Bypass, Bwaise, and Kawempe up to Kagoma where he spent one and a half hours.

He was seen driving past Kiryagonja village at 11:12 pm, a short distance from his murder scene.


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