Bukwo girls pin district bosses over demand for sex in exchange for jobs


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The office of Bukwo resident district commissioner in the Sebei region is flooded with petitions raised by many ladies complaining of being sexually harassed before they are considered to be given government jobs in the district.

The disturbing state of affairs was raised by Samuel Hashaka Mpimbaza the resident district commissioner on Monday during the district security committee meeting held at Bukwo district.

Recently posted in Bukwo, Hashaka says his office has so far received 20 girls complaining of being harassed by members of the district service commission before they are given jobs at the district local government.

But according to the district chairman Julius Chelimo, the advertising of local government jobs usually signals the beginning of the sex season for members of the District Service Commission in Bukwo,

According to Hashaka the culprits should be brought to book as their action is against the ethical cord of conduct.

“I have 20 complaints made in written by young girls describing how they have been sexually harassed and later made to pay shs 3million in order to join district local government which is very bad,” he said.

Hashaka also told the district security committee that he has got the phone printout from one of the staff at the district service commission, sending questions and answers to the applicants shortlisted to do interviews before the official date of doing interviews.

Hashaka directed the police to open up a general inquiry file and investigate the incidents and ensure that officers are brought to book.

Chelimo the district chairperson Bukwo said exchanging sex for jobs has been the order in Bukwo district especially when the district advertises for the positions.

“This has been the first agenda in Bukwo district for any girl who applies for any job in Bukwo district local government,” he said. “She must first surrender her sexual organ before she’s given a job which is wrong.”

Chelimo encouraged more victims to come up and raise their complaints so that the officers responsible for such ugly acts will face the law.

Irene Chelain one of the parish councilors for Bukwo town council said many girls have been forcefully sexually harrassed just because they want jobs.

According to Chelain the incident could not be fought because all the previous RDCs in Bukwo were natives in the area and they are relatives are the ones sexually harassings girls.

” This act continued because nobody could stop it but we thank the posting of the new RDC who has come and fought for the people of Bukwo,” she said.

Joseph Sabila a resident of Chesower in Bukwo district said the district has currently advertised for many positions but people are going to be charged a lot of money in order to be shortlisted.

Swaib Balaba the chief administrative officer Bukwo said he was shocked to hear that some girls have been sexually harrased for jobs.

He also asked the police to investigate the matter and ensure that officers responsible for the act are brought to book.

“We can’t condone such acts and whoever has been demanding sex for jobs in Bukwo should be arrested,” he said.


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