How the Supreme Court drama unfolded

“When I was appointed a judge of this court in 2009, I swore to uphold the Constitution of Uganda, and also took the judicial oath. I am acting based on those undertakings I made, I felt it my constitutional duty to disobey the unconstitutional orders of the Chief Justice and fulfill my duty as a member of this Coram,” Justice Kisakye added.

Drama in court as CJ is accused of confiscating file

Dollo and seven other justices of the court delivered the majority judgement which was read by Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi, and when it was time for Kisakye to read hers, she discovered that it was missing, and instantly, the public address system was turned off, power connectivity was switched off as court officials and lawyers representing President Yoweri Museveni, the Electoral Commission and Attorney General; the three respondents in the case walked away.