Christmas break: Travellers stranded in bus, taxi parks

Travellers stranded

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Passengers going home for Christmas festivities are stranded in the different bus and Taxi parks as buses and taxis delay due to traffic jams and delayed loading upcountry for people coming back to Kampala.

Many passengers going to different destinations for Christmas are seen stranded in bus parks with their luggage due to delays in the return movement of buses to Kampala.

Stephen Magezi the booking Clerk of Baby Coach said that in Namayiba bus terminal their company has only two buses plying to Lira operating in different hours.

“When one goes to Lira in the morning then the one that went to Lira in the evening comes to Kampala, ” Magezi explains.

Magezi however says that although there is a slight increase in the passenger flow, it is still lower than the past Christmas season before the second outbreak of COVID-19.

Passengers going to Apac are stranded in Namayiba Bus terminal waiting for one bus that uses the ferry to access Apac district.

Isaac Okello, a passenger says that using the ferry which crosses River Nile to Apac is a short distance compared to the buses that go to Apac via Karuma and Lira to Apac district, whichis why many passengers are stranded waiting for Comfort Coach.

Swaleh Kisubi a booking Clerk from the YY bus terminal says that the buses are on the way coming and some are stuck in traffic jam but as soon as they get to Kampala all the passengers with be transported to their various destinations.

Passengers going to the Eastern route with YY coaches at the YY bus terminal were lining up in large numbers with hopes of getting a bus to take them to Mbale and Soroti for Christmas.

Sarah Amoding, a passenger traveling to Soroti says that she arrived in the park at 7am and found no buses to Soroti.

Passengers going to Mbarara using the Global coaches were also found stranded in Global Bus Terminal at Old Kampala saying that all buses were still on the way coming and others stuck in the traffic jam.

Lambert Kayiririzi of Link Coaches says that the buses had left the previous day for their different destinations and that they are on their way coming to transport the large numbers of passengers that flocked the terminal to go home for Christmas.

Desire Tumwine a passenger going to Mubende says that passengers have waited for a long time and conmen have started using this opportunity when people are desperate to leave Kampala to take them to other bus companies but at a high price compared to the usual.

It is the same situation in the new taxi park for passengers going to distant destinations. There is also a large number of passengers at different stages.

Ibrahim Ssekajja at the new taxi part from the Kiboga stage says that passengers have only traveled in large numbers today.

He also says that yesterday taxis went back with no passengers, he also says that the passenger flow this season is low compared in the years beforethe outbreak of COVID-19.


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