City lawyer Mabirizi drags Sudhir’ son to court over degradation of L.Victoria

Mabirizi Male

City Lawyer Male Mabirizi has instituted charges against Rajiv Ruparelia, the Manager of Speke Hotel before Entebbe Chief Magistrate’s court.

This is by way of private prosecution for degrading the Lake Victoria shores in Kitubulu in Katabi Town Council.

According to the charge sheet, Mabirizi accuses Rajiv of undertaking activities in a protected zone contrary to Section 53 of the National Environment Act, 2019.

This particular section provides for the protection of river banks, lakeshores, and natural beaches.

In the particulars of the Mabirizi alleges that on November 1, 2021, with the help of heavy machines under the guard of Uganda Police and multiple private security guards, Rajiv started filling up stones and rocky soil on Lake Victoria shores adjacent to land to Busiro block 443.

He told URN that he wants the magistrate to issue criminal summons for Rajiv to answer the charges.


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