Councilor takes off with Sh 30 million emyooga funds

emyooga funds

Bukwo Police are hunting for the Riwo Sub-County LC V Councilor, Amos Bushendiki for allegedly embezzling Sh30million from Emyooga.

The Bukwo District Police Commander, Samson Lubega, says that the councillor disappeared when the police invited him to record a statement.

“We are looking for him and will arrest him from any place we see him,” he said. Bushendiki is accused of embezzling Shillings 30 million that was meant to help members of Toot Taxi operators SAACO to buy a group taxi.

James Cherop, one of the Sacco members, says that without consulting the members, the councillor withdrew the money from their Centenary bank account in Kapchorwa and used it to solve his personal problems.

“We went to the bank to see whether our money was still on the account but we were surprised that our councillor together with other signatories had removed the money from the account on the 8th of January for work, which we don’t know yet. We had resolved to purchase a taxi to generate income for the association,” he said.

Grace Chelangat, another member of the Sacco, says that they have since learnt that the councillor used part of the money to pay off his debt in another SAACO where he borrowed money for personal use. “We need justice on this because we toiled a lot to raise Shs 10million in order to access Emyooga funds but now one individual has taken the money,” she said.

Simon Kiprop also a member of the group, says that they have tried to call the councillor for a meeting but he has become arrogant and no longer listens to them.

“He’s currently riding a new motorcycle and we believe it’s our money that he used for buying that motorcycle,” he said.

Bushendiki had denied all the allegations of embezzlement, saying the money is intact on the account.

He also denies claims that he is at large, saying he is in the district.


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