COVAX to supply 1.4 Billion COVID-19 Vaccines



The COVAX facility plans to supply 1.425 Billion doses of covid-19 vaccines in 2021.  This is according to the forecast released on Wednesday.

Of these doses, approximately 1.2 billion will be available for the lower-income economies participating in the COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC). 

According to a statement, if this is achieved it will be enough to protect 20% of the population, or 40% of all adults, in all 92 economies except India. Over 200 million doses will be allocated to self-financing participants. 

The key COVAX milestone of two billion doses released for delivery is now expected to be reached in the first quarter of 2022 since 240 million doses have been delivered to 139 countries in just six months.

This call for countries that have achieved high vaccine coverage to step back comes when only 20% of people in low- and lower-middle-income countries have received a first dose of vaccine compared to 80% in high- and upper-middle-income countries.

In the critical months during which COVAX was created, signed on participants, pooled demand, and raised enough money to make advance purchases of vaccines, much of the early global supply had already been bought by wealthy nations.

Today, COVAX’s ability to reach out to as many vulnerable people in the world, as the statement shows, is hampered by export bans, the prioritization of bilateral deals by manufacturers and countries, ongoing challenges in scaling up production by some key producers, and delays in filing for regulatory approval.

In addition to working closely with participating governments to ensure the conditions are in place on the ground to facilitate the successful rollout of vaccines, they call on donors and manufacturers to recommit their support by not just giving them priority in purchase orders but even for manufacturers to be transparent on timelines for availability to COVAX to allow countries to plan. 


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