Covid-19 Positive MP was set to Meet Museveni

It was moments away to a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni at State House Entebbe when she received a call from Mulago hospital, informing her that she had tested positive for Coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 pandemic.

The MP was part of a group of ‘rebel’ NRM MPs that Museveni had called to get their word ahead of Thursday’s scheduled meeting of the NRM’s Central Executive Committee (CEC).

The CEC meeting is expected among other issues to discuss the fate of the 37 MPs that voted against the lifting of the Constitutional age limits.

In compliance with the new norm that requires all visitors to State House to take a Covid-19 test at least 24 hours before their appointment with the president, the MPs were asked to go to Mulago hospital for the test.

“While each of us received his or her results, the hospital sent the same to State House. The soldiers manning the gates of State House had our test results but since we privately drove to Entebbe, it was hard for us to know there was anyone who had tested positive,” one of the MPs that met Museveni told The Witness.

For the entire time they spent at State House, the MP said, they thought that the MP had joined a group of some three MPs who have indicated that they will not seek re-election under NRM.

“Since they don’t allow us to enter with phones, we did not get to know about it [that she tested positive], we took it that she had joined the others that turned down the invitation,” the MP further told this website.

While the rest of her colleagues tested on Monday and received their results on Tuesday, the MP took the tests on Tuesday and got to know her status on Wednesday as she prepared to travel to Entebbe.

Much as she has been moved into Mulago hospital’s isolation unit, she does not believe that she is indeed sick, according to a message she posted in the MPs WhatsApp group.


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