Democracy has Blossomed under NRM – Museveni

NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni says that having 10 contenders running against him for the presidency is testimony of the country’s improving democratic credentials.

“Under the leadership of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), our democracy has deepened and blossomed to full maturity, to the extent that anyone can now dream to lead Uganda. At every definitive stage in our long journey, the visionary leadership of NRM has always championed progressive policies and programmes to steer the country forward,” Museveni said.

In power since 1986, Museveni hopes to extend his hold onto power to 40 years if he wins the January 14, 2021 presidential vote which attracted a total of 11 candidates, some of whom are half his age.

On Friday, Museveni took his campaigns to the  Sebei sub-region which comprises of the districts of Kween, Kapchorwa, and Bukwo.

During his meeting with NRM leaders from the three districts at Tuban Technical Institute, Kapchorwa, Museveni encouraged farmers to embrace commercial farming to eradicate poverty at the household level.

Museveni believes that with increased income at the household level, the scramble for government jobs will reduce.

“By engaging in income-generating activities, we shall reduce the scramble for the few government jobs by young people,” Museveni said.

The government currently can employ about 480,000 Ugandans compared to the private sector which Museveni says has at least 13 million vacancies of which 700,000 are in industries, the  services sector has about 1,300,000 jobs, ICT sector can offer 170,000 jobs and commercial agriculture can take up 11,965,200 Ugandans.

Museveni took a swipe on MPs whom he partly blamed for some of Uganda’s challenges because of their failure to understand the country’s priorities and instead awarded themselves fat salaries.

“You find people budgeting to raise their salaries and increasing their foreign travel. We must emphasize budgets that cater for the masses to be able to raise wealth creation funds,” Museveni said.

 He also emphasised the need to fast track the political and economic integration of the East African countries to widen the market for local produce.


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