DGF saga: Kasaija says Museveni acted on wrong information

Finance minister Matia Kasaija has accused intelligence agencies of feeding President Yoweri Museveni with wrong information which has sometimes led him into taking uncalled for actions like the recent directive to suspend activities of the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF).

DGF is the biggest single donor basket with over Shs 500 billion financed by governments of Denmark, Ireland, Austria, the UK, Sweden, Norway and the European Union to provide harmonized, coherent and well-coordinated support to state and non-state entities in the country.

In the heat of political campaigns, Museveni on January 2 wrote to Kasaija directing him to immediately suspend the facility’s activities in Uganda based on information that it was operating without government oversight.

In his letter which leaked last week, Museveni blamed an unnamed official at the Finance Ministry for irregularly and unilaterally authorizing DGF funding to be operated exclusively by foreign missions which tantamounts to surrendering the sovereignty of the people of Uganda to foreign interests.

“The foreign mission and its funders have been given free rein by the Ministry of Finance to choose which activity, entities and amounts to finance without the knowledge or consent of the Government,” Museveni wrote.

“Was this a result of subversion, corruption or criminal negligence, or all of these? Why wasn’t the Cabinet and I consulted? This is unacceptable,” Museveni’s two-page letter further reads.

Speaking to Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) radio on Sunday morning, Kasaija said that the intelligence services had given wrong information to the president upon which he acted.

“They did not furnish him with certain facts; I wrote to him last Thursday, and sent him a detailed report with those facts,” Kasaija said but declined to delve into details.

In the meantime, Kasaija said, he will delay the implementation of the presidential directive awaiting the president’s response to the matter.


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