Did Kalifah AgaNaga Sing Stanlizer or He Meant Sanitizer?

The other day, musician Bebe Cool (Moses Ssali) was ranting over the media attention that was accorded his nemesis, musician cum politician Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi) after he released a COVID-19 awareness song.

The song that Bobi Wine did with Nubian Li was well received both on the local and international scene that it was given fair airplay by respectable world broadcasters such as CNN, AlJazeera, BBC, the UK’s ITV and many more.

A day later, Bebe Cool with a team of musicians that included Apass, Vinka, Azawi, Fresh Kid among others released theirs with an intro… “zero zero…” Its release was announced through President Museveni’s social media platforms but it failed to attract as much attention as the Kyadondo East MP’s song. Well, that will be a story for another day.

Now, there is a new COVID-19 song by Kalifah Aganaga. What I find strange about his song is his advocacy for the use of a ‘stanlizer’ to guard against the virus. Hmmm!

Did he want to sing sanitizer but ended up calling it stanlizer?

Ugandan artists, we are getting over ziloooo ziloooo and here comes stanlizer! We always complain that our songs are not played on international channels but what do we have to offer?


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