District officials return stolen funds for roads project

District officials return stolen funds for roads project

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Two Bukwo district officials have succumbed to pressure and refunded part of the Sh200million they stole from the road fund.

This comes a day after the Bukwo Resident District Commissioner, Samuel Hashaka Mpimbaza ordered the arrest of all officials who pocketed money from the road fund.

On Sunday, police picked up Bukwo District Engineer, George Festo Limo and Road Inspector, Isaack Mangusho for the mismanagement of the money meant for working on various roads in selected sub-counties. This prompted some of the officials to return the stolen money.

By Monday evening, Joram Enock Chelimo, chief of Kaptererwo sub-county and his Chesower counterpart, Ben Chesang Lwendok refunded part of the money.

Chesang returned Sh 3.2 million out of the Sh 8.1million he took while his counterpart, Chelimo returned Shillings 500,000 out of the Sh 5,071,000 he took.

Mpimbaza says that the officials had kept the money meant for fuel for the road works for personal use.

According to Mpimbaza, more officials have promised to refund the money they took by the close of this week.

“They are pleading not to be arrested but I have instructed the police to carry on with the operation. Whoever took the money for road funds must be prosecuted,” he said. Chesang and Chelimo confirmed depositing the money at a pump fuel station, saying that they were afraid that the contractors would not work.

Betty Chelangat, a resident of Bukwo has hailed the move by the RDC, adding that if he had been in Bukwo for the last four years, the community would have benefited from government projects.

“Our previous RDCs were born from this place and they had many relatives in the offices so they couldn’t perform well,” she said.

Pius Kibet, a member of the Anticorruption monitors in Bukwo, said ending corruption in Bukwo needs people who don’t employ double standards.

“These people are corrupt, imagine we have been passing through bad roads yet the government sent the money for working on the roads but few people took it,” he said.


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