Driver gets life in prison sentence for the murder of Case Hospital  accountant

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The High Court in Entebbe has sentenced Mawa Muzamiru to life imprisonment for the murder of Francis Ekalungar, the former accountant of Case Hospital.

On Wednesday Justice Yasin Nyanzi convicted four people for the murder of Ekalungar.

 The convicts are Muzamiru Mawa, Resty Nalunga, Deogratius Yiga and Huzairu Kiwalabye.

Kiwalabye is the brother of Abdullah Kitatta, the Patron of Boda Boda 2010. Yiga and Kiwalabye were Chairmen for Boda Boda riders in Wakaliga and Busega respectively while Nalunga is Mawa’s wife.

Ekalungar went missing on January 2nd, 2018. His body was later found in Kajjansi Town Council, Wakiso district burnt beyond recognition. 

Mawa, who was convicted on his plea of guilt, was the driver to Dr Ssebale Kato, the Proprietor of Case Hospital.

While convicting the accused during the High court criminal session sitting in the Entebbe Chief Magistrate’s court, Justice Yasin Nyanzi noted that prosecution has also proved beyond reasonable doubt that Nalunga, Kiwalabye and Yiga were involved in both offences.

On Thursday, Justice Nyanzi sentenced Muzamiru to life imprisonment and gave the other convicts different jail terms based on their level of participation in the offences.

Justice Nyanzi, sentenced Kiwalabye to 25 years in jail, Yiga to seven years, and Nalunga to 5 years. Their remand periods will be deducted from the jail term.

Nyanzi said he would have handed Kiwalabye a harsher punishment but considered the fact that he was tortured when he was arrested in 2018.

Nyanzi said Nalunga and Yiga got lighter sentences because they ‘innocently participated” in the offences.

He added that Muzamiru misled Nalunga to think that she was spying on Ekalungar for stealing drugs from Case Hospital, yet her role led to his death. Nyanzi added that Nalunga was also given special consideration because she is the primary caretaker of a minor and her welfare is Paramount according to the law.


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