EC Disqualifies All Bukedea Woman MP Candidates, Leaves NRM’s Among Unopposed

The Electoral Commission has overturned the nomination of six candidates in the Bukedea Woman MP race.  This implies that the incumbent MP Anita Among remains unopposed in the race that had initially attracted seven candidates.

Those whose nomination was cancelled include Sophie Malinga, Dinah Eveline Akongot, Jessica Asio, Naume Ekwenare, Ketty Akello, and Mary Goretti Kitaka. According to the Electoral Commission, all the six had discrepancies in their paperwork, which upon scrutiny led to a conclusion that they were erroneously nominated.

Paul Bukenya, the Electoral Commission Spokesman said that Sophie Malinga was wrongfully nominated to contest for the seat because the Commission had received a court order against her nomination based on discrepancies in her names. The order which was issued long before the nomination had been missed by the Returning officer.

Another candidate Naume Ekwenare had been nominated for two elective positions. According to Bukenya, she first presented herself for nomination in the race for the district councillor, and later for the woman MP seat. Bukenya says, the latest nomination is now cancelled, and the candidate will be retained in the councillors race.

Two others; Jessica Asio and Dinah Eveline Akongot had presented fake lists of seconders. But Akongot, says that although she had not received any communication about nullifying her nomination, the NRM camp, to which Anita Among belongs,  attempted to bribe her seconder with four million Shillings to denounce her.

Similarly, Asio says her proposer and seconder denounced her after nomination, raising suspicion that they had been bought off to change their mind about her candidature.

Ketty Akello, one of the candidates whose nomination was overturned is now demanding a probe into the matter and wonders how the Commission only found fault in the nomination of all other candidates apart from Anita Among.

Among’s nomination was questioned by two voters who petitioned the Electoral Commission over inconsistency in names. They argue that her academic documents bear the names Annet and not Anita. But the commission said that the matter is still under investigation.

During nominations, three other aspirants including Hellen Akol Odeke of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change-FDC, Merab Amongin and Christine Akello- all independents were blocked by the Electoral Commission officials over alleged inconsistencies in names, court cases and academic qualification.

Among sailed through the NRM primaries unopposed after Merab Amongin who was challenging her was imprisoned for selling unclassified drugs and running an illegal drug shop.


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