Eid celebrations: Tabliq leader calls for Unity among Muslims

The leader of the Tabliq Amir Umar Sheik Mohammed Yunus Kamoga, says they are looking forward to unity as Muslims.

During the Eid prayers held on Monday at Nakivubo Blue Playground, Kamoga emphasized the need to stop divisions among the Muslim community. He said that Muslims should respect their leaders and work together. 

According to Kamoga, disunity will not enable Muslims to achieve their objective but instead give room to their enemies.

Last month President Yoweri Museveni met with a group of Muslim leaders at State House Entebbe to report to him about their success in the reconciliation efforts that started over five years ago.

Among them were leaders from Old Kampala, Nakasero, and former leaders from Kibuli. The delegation was headed by the Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramathan Mubaje.

According to Sheikh Mubaje, they had already signed a Unity Agreement between the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), the Kibuli group, and the Nakasero group to unite as one body following years of disagreement between the various factions, sparked by the sale of Muslim properties to businessman Drake Lubega.

Kamoga also said that Muslims should stop lamenting and lobbying for positions in the government.

 He said that it is poverty and laziness that pushes people to beg for positions.

Hajji Ali Mulyanyama, the Mayor of the Makindye Division had earlier faulted the government for failing to appoint Muslims to big positions in the cabinet.

At Kawempe Moslem Primary School Play Grounds, Muslims were asked to continue with the good acts of the month Ramadhan by loving one another.

Sheik Ishaq Ssekakomo from Kawanda who led the prayers said that Muslims tend to stop doing good deeds when Ramadhan ends.

Sheik Ssekakoma also urged believers to be aware of the wrath of Satan when the month of Ramadhan has ended. 

He asked the Muslims to continue with prayers daily like they have been doing during the month of fasting.

Sheik Ssekakomo also advised Muslims to use Eidi celebrations to strengthen their relationships with others.

At the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Wandegeya, Muslims were asked to support the needy despite the increase in prices.

 Sheikh Hafiz Azhar Nkuutu Basalirwa, an Imam at the mosque.

Sheikh Hafiz Azhar Basalirwa, the Imam said that giving to the needy should not be compromised.

He also added that other values like prayers on daily basis, reciting the Koran, and promoting reconciliation amongst one another should remain even after fasting.

Sheikh Muhamad Kizza Kasule the Imam Wandegeya asked the government to intervene and find a solution to the escalating inflation in the country.

He also applauded the Islamic faithful for persevering through the holy month of Ramadan. He reminded them not to forget feeding the poor and fasting for the next six days


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