Election of FDC Presidential Candidate to Last 21 Days

Primaries for the selection of the Forum for Democratic (FDC) presidential flag bearer for the 2021 elections will last for 21 days.

The party’s deputy spokesman, John Kikonyogo, said during a weekly press briefing at the FDC headquarters, Najjanankumbi near Kampala that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the party can’t carry out normal campaigns and voting.

Normally, the party would hold presidential primary elections at Namboole Stadium.

However, with the Covid-19 related restrictions on meetings, the party opted to hold their delegate’s conference on 21 different days at 21 regional centers.

Last week, Patrick Amuriat Oboi, the party president and Wasswa Biriggwa, the party chairman picked party presidential nomination papers to choose who will hold the party’s flag in the 2021 general elections. On Wednesday, both Oboi and Biriggwa will be nominated by the party Electoral Commission headed by Toterebuka Bamwenda.

In the past, the candidates would move the whole country campaigning not only among FDC delegates but also the general electorate. However this time, the party will hold regional conferences where the two candidates will campaign, and on that very day, they vote until every region has voted.

To qualify as an FDC presidential flag bearer candidate, one must be a card holding member of the party, registered as a voter with the National Electoral Commission and paying non-refundable 5 million Shillings. The polling dates will be communicated after the harmonization of the program with the candidates this week.

Last week, FDC hopes of having four-time presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye contest again were dashed, after the retired Colonel said he had given up challenging President Museveni through elections.

Meanwhile, the party also announced that after nominations on Wednesday, Oboi and Biriggwa will have to step down as party president and party chairman respectively.


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