Elections boss gunned down in Agago district


Police in Agago district are investigating the murder by shooting of an electoral supervisor in Lira Kato Sub County, Agago district last night.       

Ketty Atoo, 26, was reportedly shot at around 11 pm on Thursday by unknown gunmen from her home in Labora East Village, Lira Kato Sub County.  

David Ongom Mudong, the police spokesperson of Aswa River Region, said the father of the deceased, James Lawoko, 49, a teacher, reported that at around 11 pm, as was  sleeping, he  heard a hit on the door and shortly, gunshots.       

Mudong said Lawoko reported that they both escaped to their maize garden after the attacker set their hut on fire.      

“The daughter, now deceased was in another hut and she came out thinking that her parents were getting burned in the house, but unfortunately she was shot twice in the head and back, killing her instantly,” Mudong said.  “The suspects fled the scene but 12 cartridges were recovered from the scene of the crime,” he added.

“We would wish to urge the members of the public with relevant information to cooperate with police to ensure that the culprits are apprehended and prosecuted in the courts of law.”

Emmanuel Okot, the RDC of Agago said he suspects that the killers are highly connected because they travelled with a vehicle to the deceased home. 

Okot said the office of the RDC has provided security to protect the mourners given the nature of the killing.

He said the deceased’s body was examined at Dr Ambrozoli Memorial Hospital, and transported to Gulu Army Barracks for preservation as it awaits burial.


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  1. Agago will remain the pool of murder cases bse of weak police officers ,probation officer,political leaders and state atorney

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