Elegu Soldiers Sentenced to Six Months Imprisonment

UPDF Spokesman, Brig Richard Karemire

The UPDF 4th Division court-martial has handed down a six months jail term to six soldiers for assaulting civilians at the Uganda-South Sudan border town of Elegu in Amuru district.

According to the UPDF spokesman Brig. Richard Karemire, the soldiers namely, Lance Corporal Constantine Winyi Abor, Privates Muhammad Makanga, John Mack Eboku, Robert Mutenga, Sylvester Ayo and Emma Ayimbisibwe appeared before the military court where they pleaded guilty to the charges of assault and causing bodily harm to civilians. 

 President, Yoweri Museveni ordered the arrest of the soldiers after grisly pictures showing civilians with wounds resulting from the torture by security officers in the course of enforcing the dawn to dusk curfew.

 Karemire said even when they call upon their soldiers to enforce fully the directives of the president; they want them to do so in a humane way. 

 He, however, called upon civilians not to provoke the security personnel by flouting the rules. 

“Make no mistake to doubt our will to enforce these measures. We have never lost any war and we shall not allow any person to flout the rules to fight this virus,” Karemire said.  

 He said that the security forces are disappointed with sections of Ugandans who still think that it is business as usual and refuse to follow the rules.  

“They move beyond curfew time, there are increased cars without stickers moving on the road and Boda Bodas that carry people. Our country is in danger if we don’t conform to the directives given by the government we shall treat you as enemies,” Karemire said. 

 President, Museveni announced a nationwide lockdown as part of the efforts to contain the spread of COVID19.


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