Elwelu tells security officers to be alert over threats

The Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu, has challenged officers to stay alert and monitor both regional and global threats.

 He says that if such threats are ignored, they will be a danger to the country’s security.

Elwelu implored officers to embrace new techniques in averting modern security threats both within the country and globally.

While addressing graduates at the Senior Command and Staff College on Thursday, Elwelu said that the Great Lakes Region is marred by unpredictable security situations and officers should equip themselves with the necessary information technology skills, which will enable them to avert the country’s enemies with ease.

A total of 44 officers graduated after undergoing a one-year senior officers course.

East African Community-EAC, members states of Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi, and Kenya, contributed two students each for this year’s training.

The one-year retooling of middle-level officers training is aimed at equipping trainees with the skills in conducting strategically-minded fights, where they think critically and apply military power, to march the agreeable national strategy without necessarily applying excessive force.

 Elwelu stresses that the level of strategic alertness enables officers to dismantle security threats strategically, without necessarily imploring direct confrontations.

Elwelu further challenged officers to be mindful of their role in the management of modern security threats within the confines of the general public, for instance, climate change, and unregulated urbanization, among others, through continued partnering with different EAC member states, to jointly benchmark on such matters.

Jacob Oboth Oboth, the State Minister for Defense, relayed UPDF’s commitment to fostering training, which will ensure the force’s readability to foster the safety and wellbeing of Ugandans at all times. 


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