EU calls for release of political prisoners, condemns torture

The European Union ( EU) delegation in Uganda,has called for the immediate release of Political prisons languishing in Ugandan prisons.

The EU has also condmned the continued torture of suspects in the custody of authorities,by security operatives.

“Those who are being hold incomunicado should be immediately released or brought before justice and those who violate the laws of Uganda should be held accountable and personally liable for their actions,” EU said in a statement issued on Monday.

According to EU, during the recently concluded universal periodical review ,the Uganda Human rights Commission and several other stakeholders pointed out the persistence in Uganda ,of torture.

EU added that , the human rights Commission also expressed concern for other rights violations in Uganda , such as the excessive use of force by the Uganda Police , violation to freedom of expression and the media , including harassment to threats , illegal detention and violence against journalists and human rights defenders.

“The EU delegation fully shares the concern of many Ugandan stakeholders over a situation that for more than a year has been significant increases of reports of torture , arbitrary arrests ,enforced disappearances , harrasments as well as as attacks against human rights defenders,members of the opposition and environment rights activists ,” stated EU.

EU said the arbitrary arrest of people by security sevices holding them in ungazatted places of detention for prolonged periods of time , torturing them, not bringing them before a court within the mandatory time limits , are violations of uganda’ national legislation , regional and international commitments as well as specific presidential guidelines.

“While we note the actions already taken against some perpetrators of human rights violations amongst security forces, the relevant Ugandan authorities should urgently ensure a comprehensive investigation into all the reported abuses including the events of 18th and 19th of November 2020,” EU noted.

The statement by EU, comes at a time when the opposition in Parliament last week walked of the Parliamentary proceedings protesting the continued detention, torture and arrest of opposition supporters and critics of the President Yoweri Museveni adminstration.


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