First lady launches family program for morals values

First lady


The first lady, Janet Museveni has launched a family strengthening program that will see religious and cultural leaders partner to instill moral values within different families scattered across the Busoga sub-region.

In her message delivered by Dorothy Kissaka, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA during the Busoga convocation family meeting held at Busoga Square in Jinja City, the first lady noted that several families have suffered immense challenges throughout the lockdown.

She, however, noted that with constant advocacy on the essence of good moral upbringing within families, children will thrive in virtuous communities.

She noted that most parents don’t allocate enough time for their homes, which has created children’s constant dependency on their peers for comfort. She, however, notes that with improved parenting skills, families will command good ethical attributes within communities.

Steven Langa, the founder of Family Life Network, argues that most parents have limited time to freely interact with their children and only attempt to offer guidance when their young ones are already exposed to bad peer influence.

Langa says that they have since formulated 73 model couples from different religious denominations who will carry the mandate of reminding families of their pivotal role in child upbringing.

Joshua Lwere, a member of the governing council of presidents at the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda-IRCU stresses that societal evils ranging from corruption, domestic violence, and all forms of criminality, largely result from poor child upbringing.

Lwere argued that families are the primary determinants of the quality of citizenry in any country and if children are raised with discipline, they automatically contribute to a firm foundation of a morally upright society.

Busoga Kingdom’s Chief royal prince, Menha Zirabamuzaale, says that clan leaders are being encouraged to sensitize grassroots communities on the essence of raising all-round children with both life skills and traditional values, with an aim of grooming morally upright citizens throughout the sub-region.


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