First Lady starts sexual purity campaign in Schools

The Ministry of Education and Sports, Janet Kataha Museveni is to introduce a vibrant sexual purity campaign.

According to Janet Museveni, the campaign is one of the strategies to lessen the prevalence of child-to-child sex, incest, and teen pregnancy, which have had a negative impact on the nation and reached a peak during the unprecedented prolonged school closure.

She notes that through the campaign, children, particularly girls in secondary schools, shall be provided with relevant information to empower them to make the best decision possible on abstaining from sex at a young age.

The Minister made the remarks on Friday evening at Mengo Secondary School while concluding a youth summit that was meant to provide students with life skills, and lessons on morality, sexuality, and ethics. The summit was under the theme “My life, my responsibility”.

She noted that the new campaign, the True Love Can Wait for campaign, which was utilized in the 1990s to mobilize students against sex and shield them from the HIV/AIDS epidemic, shall be revived.

The Southern Baptist Convention, located in the United States, introduced the “True Love Can Wait” campaign in 1994.

The program, which was based on Christian principles, served as a catalyst for bringing teenagers together to combat the AIDS epidemic and spread the word about biblical chastity in neighborhoods, youth groups, and other settings.

Over time, more intensive school initiatives were adopted, such as the 2002-launched Presidential Initiative for Aids Strategy Communication to the Youth (PIASCY).

Back then, these campaigns won praise for their all-encompassing strategy, which promoted collaboration among students, teachers, and communities to help young people stay safe and avoid HIV/AIDS.


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