Fishmongers halt exportation of fish to DRC


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Fishmongers in Busia County fish market in Kenya have halted the export of fish to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC )for fear of impounding their fish in Uganda.  

The fishmongers said that they don’t want to continue counting losses following the confiscation of five fish trucks at Mpondwe border in Kasese district.     

On October 3, 2021, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and the Fisheries Protection Unit (FPU ) impounded five fish trucks destined for the DRC on suspicion of transporting immature fish. 

The fishmongers are also protesting the decision by Ugandan government authorities to impound goods in transit. 

They want relevant Uganda and Kenyan authorities to address the challenges they are facing to facilitate smooth trade between the two countries.

Steven Wangira, a fishmonger and transporter, says that they have stocked more than 200 tons of fish meant for export to DRC through Uganda but they fear that it can be impounded. 

Wangira says that Ugandan security impounded his fish at Mpondwe border last year, which is contrary to the East African Community Integration.

Ouma Ochieng, a fishmonger says that they wonder why the cargo is cleared at two border posts can be impounded.

Milikisa Achieng, another fishmonger, says that he has stocked 12 sealed boxes of fish because they want Uganda to first explain to them what they are supposed to do whenever they enter Uganda other than impounding their goods.

Fishmongers whose trucks were impounded on October 18th, 2021 sued the head of the FPU on Lake George and Edward, the Director of Fisheries Resources in Entebbe and the Attorney General for illegally confiscating their trucks loaded with fish.

Deo Sentiba, the FPU Public Relations Officer, says that they impounded the fish trucks when the drivers abandoned them at the checkpoint at Mpondwe border. 

He says that they obtained a court order to break the seals since the owners didn’t show up at their offices. He says that they found that the fish was immature and most of it came from Lake George in Uganda
[16:23, 21/10/2021] HENRY (SADAB): Police extend bond for Masaka Priest


The police in Masaka have extended the bond for Fr.Richard Mugisha of Bisanje Catholic Parish, Masaka Diocese.

Last week, Mugisha was summoned following the death of Ronald Kyeyune, 30, a suspected robber who had allegedly broken into the priests’ house.

 It is alleged that the suspect was apprehended by the village security team after allegedly accessing the priests’ residence through the roof.  

Members of the village security committee on night patrol arrested him but an angry mob pounced on him and beat him up leaving him in a critical condition.  The police were called to the scene to rescue the suspect.

For some unclear reason, however, instead of taking the critically injured man to the hospital, the police decided to lock him in the cell, until he died.

Based on police preliminary investigations, it is alleged that the mob acted on Mugisha’s command to lynch the suspect.

Mugisha returned to Masaka Police Station on Thursday for further questioning. According to his lawyer Alexander Lule, police extended the bond to Tuesday because the state prosecutor was not ready with the file.

Muhammad Nsubuga, the Southern Regional Police spokesperson, says that investigations into the matter are still ongoing.   

The priest became one of the prominent priests in the region over his controversial remarks about President Yoweri Museveni’s leadership in addition to rallying Ugandans to vote for change in the 2021 general elections.

He further attacked Brig Deus Sande, the commander- UPDF Armoured Brigade Unit- Masaka, for saying that the army was not ready to hand over power to Robert Kyagulanyi, the National Unity Platform leader, in case he won elections.


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