FM6OA aids children’s cancer ward

Ramadhan; the Islamic holy month of fasting is about charity, giving, and compassion especially to most at need members of our communities. It is this spirit that the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Oulema (FM6OA) Uganda Chapter took to children battling cancer at the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) at Mulago in Kampala.

The FM6OA team carried learning and play materials for the children admitted at theUCI paediatric ward.

“As Muslims, we believe and acknowledge that visiting the sick is a great act of worship, and a great Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” said Dr. Ebraheem Ssali, the president of FM6OA Uganda Chapter.

Annually, the Uganda Cancer Institute receives more than 600 cases of cancer among children with the majority coming from the western Uganda.

“Uganda is a poor country with inadequate social services that can fully support families that are faced with such challenges,” Dr Ssali said, adding, “for young patients, playing contributes to the healing process, that is why we felt that by providing the materials facilitate the children’s learning and at the same time play can contribute to the psycho-socio part of their treatment.”

Many of the children at ward are malnourished. Due to inadequate funding, the hospital is facing challenges in meeting their dietary needs, Dr. Anne Akulo a paediatric  oncologist and  assistant Director of Global HOPE  Uganda said.

FM6OA handed over a water dispenser to provide drinking water to the children and their caregivers, sanitary supplies like diapers and menstrual pads, learning materials, play materials and toys, board games, wall stickers, furniture.


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