Girl Nominated to Replace Late Mother in Parliament

Baroda Kayanga Watongola, a daughter of the late Rehema Tiwuwe Watongola has been nominated to replace her mother as Kamuli Municipality MP.

The MP died on November 14 at Mulago National Referral Hospital after a week of treatment of a suspected Covid-19 condition.

At the time of her death, 50-year-old lawmaker was seeking re-election to Parliament as an Independent candidate having lost the NRM primaries.

During her funeral on November 16, her family annointed Kayanga to take on her mother’s dream of holding a seat in the 11th Parliament so that she can “accomplish the late MP’s agenda.”

Kayanga was nominated on Tuesday by the Kamuli district returning officer, Kenneth Kayabwe. Having been her mother’s political assistant, Kayanga promised to emulate her legacy and triumph in next year’s elections.

“I was working alongside mother and would not sit back as her legacy is watered down by self-seekers who lack a proper development agenda for this new municipality,” she said.

Kayanga further pledged to promote girl-child education, advocacy for women’s timely access to maternal health and women empowerment through recapitalizing their small scale enterprises.

Political leaders in Kamuli district note that Kayanga is expected to earn a sympathy vote following Watongola’s politics of humility and tolerance despite provocation from her opponents from both within the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and other opposition political parties.

Kayanga will contest against the NRM’s Mastula Namatovu, National Unity Platform (NUP’s) Moses Bigirwa and Godfrey Mugoya, an independent candidate.


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