Govt commissions Sh 12 billion railway Wagon MV PAMBA

It is now 16 year’s since the Uganda railway has been out of the trade business.


Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has commissioned the resumption of the railway wagon at port bell Luzira. It is now 16 years since the Uganda railway has been out of the trade business.

“As Uganda, we have not fully utilised our water bodies in terms of trade and we need such more vessels to get set for trade on the waters because 800,000 turns of cargo the vessel carries on water if the weight is put on our roads they shall get destroyed in no time,” Nabbanja said.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbaja speaking to the media during the commissioning of railway Wagon MV PAMBA

She noted that Uganda uses a lot of money in road repair and construction alone unlike the vessel that consumed only Sh 12 billion.

Nabbanja said that of recent, the country has been struggling with the movement of fuel and delays as dealers in fuel decide to artificially increase the prices for fuel.

She emphasized that the prices for transportation of cargo must be affordable to avoid more pressure on the roads.

Nabbanja, however, said there is a need to maintain the facility so as to avoid going back in a sorry state as government continue to build resilience in infrastructure and give an opportunity to traders to engage.

“We expected accountability from the Uganda Railway Corporation and also call upon business people to export and import more,” she said.

General Katumba Wamala the minister for works and transport urged Ugandans to be responsible and quite the system of vandalizing such development projects in-country and with MV PAMBA .

“We are highly positive that we can transport and do trade with 200 turns of cargo on a monthly basis,” he said. He added that the new vessel commissioned has an insurance at international standards.

He said; “we do not expect anything like it’s failure to perform tasks however operations on this vessel are very vital and we need to encourage more of the private investors to engage taking a good example of Mango tree who has invested in this project to see that it resumes business”.


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