Gunfire as Inmates Escape with Guns from Moroto Prison

Gunfire rocked Moroto in northeastern Uganda as a combined force of Police, army and prisons personnel pursued a group of prisoners that escaped with guns from Moroto prison.

The exact number of prisoners is unknown but available information indicates that the inmates, in a daring act, attacked a prison warder on guard before breaking into the armoury and stole about 30 guns, according to a prisons officer who did not want to be named.

They are reported to have fled towards Tapac and Loputuk sub-counties.

For about 30 minutes, the escapees engaged in an exchange of gunfire with security offices.

Moments later two military helicopters were seen hovering over Mount Moroto where the inmates are believed to have been hiding.

Grace Nali a crime Preventer in Singila Cell, Moroto Municipality said they heard gunfire and saw a lot of inmates running.

“Some were naked while others were in their yellow uniform. They were armed and were exchanging fire with the security forces,” said Nali.

Last week, Moroto Government Prison was closed to new inmates after 30 inmates tested positive to Covid- 19.   

All the 30 were evacuated to Jinja Isolation Centre for treatment while over 200 other inmates were placed under quarantine.


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