Heavy Deployment Ahead of Kyagulanyi’s Campaigns in Soroti

NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi jogs with supporters to the campaign venue in Amuria

The Police have deployed heavily around the Mayor’s Gardens in Soroti, the venue for presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

Kyagulanyi, the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential flag bearer is expected in Soroti on Saturday evening after combing parts of Katakwi and Amuria districts in Eastern Uganda.

He arrived in Teso sub-region’s Katakwi district shortly before 11am from Moroto where he faced off with a combined force of the police and UPDF soldiers.

The security men had blocked him from accessing Moroto town where he had initially planned to hold his rally and later a radio talk show. He was allowed to go to the radio after 8:00pm, an hour late.

He could face the same in Soroti, according to Roman Ogole, a freelance journalist with Uganda Radio Network (URN), a Kampala based news agency.  A joint security team comprising the army and police has sealed off the Mayor’s Garden and Soroti Sports Grounds where Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate, Patrick Amuriat Oboi was teargassed on Monday.

Security has also sealed off other open grounds, which are used by politicians to hold their rallies. David Ongom Mudong, the East Kyoga Region police spokesperson, says the deployment is meant to stop people from crowding at the venue in line with the health ministry guidelines stopping meetings of more than 200 people.

He says their intelligence points to likely cases of indiscipline by NUP supporters. 


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