How Fortune Nantongo Got the DP Flag for Kyotera.

On December 23, Fortunate Rose Nantongo, a daughter to the late Kyotera Woman MP, Robina Nakasirye Ssentongo was nominated as the Democratic Party (DP) candidate, replacing her deceased mother in next year’s parliamentary elections.

The 25-year-old lawyer had earlier on been unveiled to mourners during her mother’s burial on December 20 as DP’s pick for the parliamentary seat, drawing protestations from a section of DP supporters who questioned the manner in which the party picked her.

The party’s president, Norbert Mao however says that the due process was followed.

“When we received the sad news of the the death of our candidate, we wrote to the Electoral Commission  [EC] asking them to give us a chance to find a replacement. When they responded, we put out a call for applications,” Mao told The Witness.

According to Mao, interested candidates were required to write to the party’s secretary-general, Gerald Siranda.

Earlier reports indicated that Nantongo was chosen by the Kyotera DP executive that sat on December 18.  Mao however said that the branch does not hold such powers as per the party constitution.

“Fortunate [Nantongo] made a handwritten application, and after we had received it, we wrote to the DP branch for Kyotera asking them to make a recommendation because the branch can’t make a decision. The recommendation from the DP branch came to the management committee which I chair and we endorsed it,” Mao said.

The presidential candidate said that the party leadership has heard voices of discontent from some members but they have themselves to blame for not responding to the expression of interest call.

“You realise that there was no time to hold primaries but still we had to follow the process dictated by the constitution. DP is a meticulous party, that is why sometimes we do things late,” Mao said.


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