I Dismantled Criminal Gangs – Maj. Gen. Sabiiti

Maj Gen Stephen Sabiiti Muzeyi left the police force boasting of accomplishing tasks that others had failed to execute.

In his hand over report, Sabiiti sang self praise for dismantling criminal gangs and recovering 304 guns as some of his major achievements in the 34 months he served as Deputy Inspector General of Police (D/IGP).

He was last week dropped by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and replaced with Maj Gen Paul Lokech.

In his report covering his two years and 10 months’ service in police force, the former Military Police commander indicates that during his period, 28 organized criminal gangs that were terrorising Ugandans were busted.   

At the time Museveni appointed Sabiiti as Deputy IGP, the country was facing numerous cases of kidnaps, gun violence, home and factory raids, mysterious murders and aggravated robberies.

 However, Sabiiti indicates that ever since they took over the mantle of police leadership, they have fought kidnaps almost to zero, defeated 18 criminal groups in 2018 and ten more gangs last year.

“In 2018 alone, we brought kidnaps to almost zero and defeated eighteen (18) organized criminal syndicates. In 2019, we busted and defeated ten (10) additional organized criminal syndicates. The attacks on investors were also defeated. A total of 87 organized criminals that were targeting factories were arrested in 52 cases and are facing trial in courts of law,” Sabiiti stated.

During the Sabiiti and Ochola tenure, there was increase in joint security operations targeting violent and organised criminals in which 304 guns were recovered.

In addition, joint security operation led to the recovery of 3,819 bullets in two years.

Sabiiti also spearheaded operations dubbed ‘Tokoora’ targeting shops and garages for stolen and vandalized items such as phones, motorcycles and utility infrastructure for electricity, water and rail infrastructure.

Tokoora operations led to recovery of 6,808 mobile phones, 527 laptops ten desktop computers, ten central processing units, thirty-eight computer hard drives, fifteen TV sets, 141 motorcycles and fifteen motorcycle engines.

  It is also under the Ochola and Sabiiti reign that Closed Circuit Television –CCTV security cameras were installed in Kampala metropolitan and the work continues in other urban areas. The second phase two is expected to be complete by May next year.

“As chairman CCTV installation steering committee, I can report that we have been able to complete 97 percent of phase one (KMP) and embarked on phase two which is at 72 percent. Phase 2 is expected to be completed by 28th May 2021. The existing infrastructure is manned (with trained personnel) and is operational. Additional skilled manpower was also recruited and the recruits have already reported to the training school,” Sabiiti stated.

Under the express penalty scheme (EPS) 199,785 EPS tickets were issued to traffic offenders in 2018 amounting to Shs 18 billion and more than Shs 15 billion was paid as fines by traffic offenders.


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