IGG investigating abuse of Covid-19 vehicles by Ministry of health

Covid-19 vechicles

The Inspectorate of Government is yet to identify the officer who authorized two COVID-19 surveillance trucks from the Health Ministry to transport private building materials from Kampala to Kegewa District.

In December 2021, the Inspectorate impounded the two trucks’ registration numbers UG 6495M and UG 6646M loaded with construction materials believed to be for a high-ranking health ministry official.

The incident sparked public rage as the misuse of Government vehicles continues to be rampant in the Health Ministry.

The trucks were driven back to Kampala and parked at the IG premises pending conclusive investigations.

Speaking to URN on Saturday, Munira Ali, the IG Spokesperson, said investigations into the matter are still ongoing to ascertain the individuals behind the issuance of movement permits to the trucks to engage in private work.

The Health Ministry Spokesman, Emmanuel Ainebyoona confirmed that indeed the IG impounded their trucks, saying the matter was being addressed internally.

A commissioner in the Health Ministry who preferred anonymity blamed the mess on malice and political witchhunt. The Commissioner couldn’t confirm nor deny whether the trucks had movement permits or were carrying Government or building materials.

Some vehicles belonging to the Ministry have in the past been intercepted for contravening the 2010 Public Service Standing Orders on regulations regarding the use and care of government vehicles issued by the Ministry of Public Service.

Past Incidents

In March 2019, police impounded an ambulance registration number UG 3605M ferrying bricks in Omoro District.

In February 2015, Police in Kampala impounded a GX Toyota Landcruiser, registration number UG 3673M belonging to the Ministry of Health accounts department after it was found being loaded with fresh elephant grass near Lubigi wetland, along the northern bypass.

On 16 July 2007, an ambulance, registration number UG 2231M attached to Amach Health Center IV was intercepted loaded with bricks in transit to a construction site in Abako Sub-County, about 40 kilometers east of then Lira Municipality.


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